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Where did Crypto Nomads come from?

In a time of fiat currency, there were seldom individuals who explored the notion of cryptographic exchanges. These digital wanderers emerged as Crypto Nomads and sought to reclaim their time and freedom through living a borderless lifestyle with borderless currency.

As the Crypto Nomads continued on their unique voyages, they crossed paths with other nomads and created a strong, loving community that nurtured growth and partnership in the crypto realm.

Each Nomad is on their own journey, and no matter which chapter you are on, you are accepted as family.

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Why join Crypto Nomad?

Become part of a unique community that is inspired by the future of Web3! Our goal is to create a hub that supports the exploration of the quickly evolving NFT space and beyond. This exclusive club strives to nurture a community that can be a building block for friendships, partnerships and collaborations.

About the collection

Crypto Nomads is a collection of algorithmically generated characters that are minted as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The first generation of 9,999 crypto nomads will be constructed using over a hundred exciting traits such as eyes, mouths, hair, hats, clothing, accessories and backgrounds.

What do we have planned?


We are excited to engage and collaborate with emerging NFT projects

Community Wallet

In effort to support the future of Web3, we will be creating a venture fund that pools investment capital and allows Nomad holders to vote on ideas and projects to support.


As part of the Crypto Nomad Club, you will have early access to our swag store and products. Show off your Nomad in style!

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Evil Mastermind.

Big T

Big T

Draws Things.



Creative Director.



Codes Stuff.



Marketing Genius.

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When can I Buy/mint one?

We have yet to announce an official launch date.
Follow our socials to keep up to date!

How much?

TBA. Maybe we will vote on it!

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for "Non-fungible token" which means that it is a unique, digital item with blockchain-managed ownership that users can buy, own, and trade. NFT metadata can be associated with digital assets such as photos, videos, and audio. Currently the most popular representation for NFTs is digital art, but the space is young and the possibilities are limitless. Buying an NFT can sometimes offer additional benefits such as exclusive website access, game items, ownership of physical objects, and much more.

How can I mint a Crypto Nomad?

Download the extension for Chrome/Firefox browser or their app on iOS/Android.

You can purchase Ethereum for your metamask wallet through any exchange such as Coinbase and transfer it into your new wallet.

Once the sale goes live, click on Connect in the mint section to connect your Metamask wallet. Once connected, you will be able to select how many your want to mint. You will then be prompted to sign a transaction. There will be a fee associated with every transaction. The cost is determined on current network traffic.

Once the transaction is complete, your Crypto Nomad will be viewable in your wallet and on OpenSea.

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